MissCar is dedicated to finding the best possible car insurance for women at the best possible price.

Gone are the days when women can get cheap car insurance just because they are females but that does not stop us here at MissCar trying to get women the best and cheapest car insurance possible.

Simply because the new European gender rules say that insurance can't take into account that you are a lady does not mean that women can't get cheaper car insurance; they just need to be more clever about it.

Cheap car insurance for women was thought to be a thing of the past but girls are still better drivers than men so how is it possible for women to get better prices?

There are many ways of getting car insurance quotes for women so let's summarise them:

Online price comparison sites

Online direct insurers who aren't on comparison sites

Going direct to insurers who are on comparison sites

Telephoning insurers to see if they can offer you a better deal

Let's now look at each of these one by one:

Online price comparison sites

This area is dominated by the big 4 of GoCompare, Compare the Market, Money Supermarket and Confused but don't rule out the smaller sites such as uSwitch and Quotezone (get a quote here), an advert for which should appear just above here.

By using a price comparison site you can enter all your 'risk' details just once an get quotes from many insurers and brokers presented to you, usually with the cheapest at the top. The obvious benefit here is that you can shop around without shopping around but be aware of a few points:

  • Most, but not all insurers are on the price comparison sites so you are not necessarily getting the best price.
  • This service appears to be free but the insurers and brokers that appear on the comparison sites pay a fee to the site for each sale that they make, usually between £40 and £100. Who do you think ends up paying this fee?
  • There is something close to 'price fixing' going on with the comparison sites where their contracts preclude insurers and brokers from offering a cheaper price elsewhere so they all are likely to give you a very similar premium. There is new legislation likely to come in during 2015 which will allow the price comparison sites to compete with each other and so prices may well be driven down as a consequence.
  • Features and benefits vary a lot between insurers and the company at the top of the list may well not be the best value for you.


Online insurers who aren't on price comparison sites

Not all insurance companies are on the price comparison sites as mentioned above and so it may well be worth your while to also get a quote from them.

We have started to put together a list of these insurance companies and will add to them as we discover more.

A couple of the bigger ones are:

  • Direct Line
  • First Direct


Going direct to insurers who are on comparison sites

Many insurers who are on the comparison sites also have a quotation system on their own website as well.

You may well find that the car insurance prices on their own site is exactly the same as you would get on the comparison site but as the new pricing legislation comes in then things could well change.


Telephoning insurers to see if you can get a better deal

Women used to be able to get cheap car insurance quotes just because they ere females but this is no longer the case. In fact it is against the law for an insurer to do this now and the penalties are huge.

There is however, no reason why an insurer shouldn't give you a better price over the telephone if they feel that you are a better risk that others who have simply filled in an online form. Many insurers, particularly those who insure young drivers have the ability to adjust prices for individual risks, should they feel that it is justified. So, you are a young female and you have a telephone. There is nothing in the law that stops you telephoning your chosen insurer and seeing if you can charm a better price off them. I would strongly recommend that you try this.


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MissCar dedicates itself to getting the best possible and cheapest car insurance quote for women. Girls get great car insurance at MissCar